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The most important decision to make before you plant your spring garden is what type of plants grow well in the part of the country that you live in. For this you can see what gardening zone you live in. This map is produced by the US Department of Agriculture. The map is based on the climate in the different regions of the country. One of the most important aspects of the map is the coldness of each zone.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map

The map can be found at the website

Where you can put in your zip code and then find information for the area you live in. Of course the southern part of the country is the best for growing everything. You want the warm weather so you can plant early and have a long growing season. Until recently Central California was considered one of best regions in the world for growing just about everything. Well the lack of water has changed that so that is one of the reasons I have considered growing my own vegatables, as much as I can.

I decided for this article I would research growing sweet corn; most everyone I know loves sweet corn I know I do. So it apears that sweet corn is best grown in the green zones and that is where I have had some of the best corn in my life.

Xtra Tender 3473 (F1)

This is my favorite corn to grow and I buy the seeds at this website: . It is called Xtra Tender 3473 and you will love this corn.

What else I found out about corn is that the latest research shows that corn has a lot of health benfits. They used to say it did not have any. Corn is and antioxidant and has a lot of fiber. Corn is also a good sourse of vitamin B and goof for digestive.

It seems that corn is something many people love but tended not to eat too often because it got a bad wrap for the lack of nutrutional value. Well it seems all that is changing and it is not to hard to grow. So look at your zone on the zone map and see what you can grow where you live.